How it Works?

The Integral Art Method combines physical and emotional self-awareness techniques with the appreciation and creation of art. It can be used as a tool for youth and adults alike to connect with and align our senses, fully experience the work of other artists and tap into our inner consciousness to create our own manifestations of self expression.

How it Works:

The goal of IAM Is to come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and enhance our empathy and creative capacity through practices like consciously examining our thoughts, movements and breath. Through this we become more receptive to other areas of our lives.

There are three main aspects:

  1. Emotionally connecting with the artist through storytelling. Depending on the artist, we will examine the context of their life and work, humanizing them and in the process personalizing art history
  2. Resonating with the art and tapping into our creative reservoir. Once we come to understand the artist and their work, we will conduct specialized exercices and hold discussions about the interconnectivity between the life and the experiences of the observer and the artist and how that can unleash our inner creativity. 
  3. Empathy and expansion of consciousness: By working on the interconnection of the emotions we can develop a deeper understanding of them while learning how to recognize and process them. This will guide us to work on empathy, a tool that we can apply in our daily life to expand our consciousness and contribute to create a better and more peaceful world.

Using the Integral Art method as a creates a more holistic understanding of the artwork or artist being explored. By broadening the learning experience beyond the intellectual plane (reading, writing, and repeating), to include the physical and vital (hands-on activities, exercises of perception, etc.) combined with deeper levels of connection (story of the artist or artwork), we create a more dynamic knowledge, that not only helps us to better remember the information, but to live the experience in a complete way.

This method of learning has shown to not only improve the understanding of the subject, but also enhance the personal enjoyment of the learning process. Art history is the history of the human being. So to experience it through all levels of existence, is a way to discover the inter-connectedness of all human beings, developing empathy and personal awareness.