Integral Art Method
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Integral Art

Embracing Art as a Tool for Self discovery

The Integral Art Method combines physical and emotional self-awareness techniques with the appreciation and creation of art. It can be used as a tool for youth and adults alike to connect with and align our senses, fully experience the work of other artists and tap into our inner consciousness to create our own manifestations of self expression.

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“The only thing that I would like to teach is a way to observe; a way to be in this world.” 

Italo Calvino 



Creator • Owner • Director

Violante Binazzi

Violante Binazzi

Art • Yoga • Education • Workshops • Therapy

“I believe in an holistic education, and in the power of cultivating kindness and compassion with children and adults. How much more we can expand our consciousness to embrace all the other human beings? Finding the way to discover the interconnection among people through yoga, art and creativity is the path of Integral Art. I am passionate about unlocking the potential of each person, for a better life, for a better world. Let’s make it together!”

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Personal experiences from Integral Art activities and classes...
  • A doctor suggested to me to practice some physical exercise to supplement my treatment for my spinal problems, and I casually chose yoga. However, it was the best choice I ever made. I was very lucky to meet Violante my first time. She is an exemplary teacher in guiding the practice and her corrections and adjustments are with total understanding and care. Violante has a patience and attention that inspires a calm yet strong attitude towards the practice; something I didn't find with other teachers.
    Matteo GorettiMatteo GorettiMedical Dentist
  • My experience practicing yoga with Violante has given me a greater understanding of the relationship between the mind and body, and how yoga can help the two to harmonize. It is in this way that practicing with Violante has also helped me gain a better understanding of my sense of self—my relationship to my own body and its energy, and my interaction with the energies of others around me. I was always challenged, both physically and spiritually, when I practiced with Violante, and I always came away with something new that I had learned through that challenge, and thus, something new that I had learned about myself. My time practicing with Violante has not only made yoga a valuable and necessary part of my life, but it has also left me with a great friend.
  • ... so when she invited me for two days trekking+Yoga on Prato’s Mountain paths I was so excited to be part of such a “movement”. For me it was a good chance to “come back on track” after a bad period of my life during which I was forced to stop sport and outdoor activities. Violante is a spring, a source of energy, mindfulness, an inspiration so I was sure to live a grateful experience. . .And it has been . . .I met all the other mates for the first time that morning, the only person I knew was Violante, but soon I understood and felt the good feeling between us, we were there surrounded by a beautiful “winter mood” Wood with higher tracks covered by last season snow, we were there surrounded by ourselves, each one with a different personality, a different mood, maybe a different reason why but at least mates. Mates for two days sharing steps, laughs, games to play and songs to sing, Yoga sessions and meditations moments. It has been a short but powerful trip with a common and shared intent, let our inner light comes out and shines on us. Thanks Violante.
  • Violante has been an excellent yoga teacher for me . Her in-depth knowledge of the positions and alignments helped me to progress . Always with a smile, dynamic, positive and attentive to her students, really for me, she embodies the values ​​of yoga . Thanks Violante , I hope to practice with you again :-)
    Candida ClementeCandida ClementeYoga Practitioner
  • I met Violante in Italy in summer of 2015 and I had an opportunity to have some lessons from this exelent teacher. Violante has 100 % techniques of yoga, great adjustments and she is a person with 100% opened heart and 100 % opened mind. You can not love her. She is the best. Hope we will meet again. Am happy for students who have this teacher.
    Giedrius StrakšysGiedrius StrakšysYoga Instructor
  • Learning with Violante is inspiring. The way she teaches is sweet and very generous. Sometimes she doesn't speak a lot but I can feel her deep soul. She constantly seeks perfection in what she does and encourages her students to do the same, patiently. She reaches your heart through her teachings!
  • Violante is professional and competent. She greets everyone with a smile and transmits full passion for this practice. She is able to adapt each lesson according to the participants, which pulls out the best in everyone. A special teacher who manages to create a great atmosphere for studying and harmony.
    Laura Fusi Laura Fusi Head of Communication and Marketing
  • Dear Violante, thank you for introducing me to ashtanga yoga. I have practiced yoga for a long time, but with ashtanga I have found the right method to obtain peace and serenity in my life. Practising together at villa bardini in such a beautiful surrounding was an amazing experience, and your idea to connect the fisical practice with art is simply genious. Being a painter myself I found it particularly interesting to see how other artists use their Creativity to obtain a higher state of being. So I thank you for sharing this experience with me and I hope to see you again soon. Love Sonja
  • During my TTC in Ashtanga yoga , Florence sep. 2015 , I was participate several classes led by Violante . I was more than lucky to be led by a great instructor. Although it was led by Italian language, and I am speaking English and Hebrew, the class was led from the heart, and when you speak the language of love it doesn’t matter.. Violante knows the sequence, she is kind, understanding and spread a lot of light around her. She is very professional and full with passion for the yoga path. Love you Violante , hope we will meet again.
    Sarit Miler Sarit Miler Yoga Instructor